Scott is an avid outdoor enthusiast and has been 4-wheeling since the mid-1980's when a friend introduced him to the Rubicon Trail.  Since then, he and his family have explored most of the 4WD trails located in California, Nevada and Utah.  As a member of the Joaquin Jeepers, he has been involved with many trail repair and clean-up events.  Scott has a great respect and love for the outdoors and the Rubicon Trail in particular, educating others about "Tread Lightly" whenever possible.  He loves meeting people on the trail and sharing his passion.  "No matter where you're from or your background, at that moment you have one thing in common - wheelin' and just enjoying the camaraderie."

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Shannon has been enjoying the adventure of four wheeling since 1996, purchasing her own rig not long after her first experience on the Rubicon Trail.  A local business owner and artist, Shannon studied Illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA.  Mixing her passion for the outdoors and art, she has a natural eye for "off road" photography and she shows the beauty and splendor of four wheeling on the Rubicon Trail through her photos and paintings.  Shannon also volunteers with Friends of the Rubicon serving as Rubicon Trail Boss.  Her off road club built a four wheel drive ice cream truck used for fundraising. Shannon and her club are committed to keeping the Rubicon Trail open for all to enjoy. 

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Mason has been on the Rubicon Trail since before he can remember.  In addition to 4-wheeling, he enjoys a lot of outdoor activities like fishing and hunting.  Mason is also a whitewater rafting guide and attends the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho, majoring in Fishery Resources.  He has been known to give away the shirt off his back.

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John has lived in the Tahoe area for over 40 years and has been wheeling the Rubicon since the mid-1980's.  He spent several years volunteering as the "Tahoe Lead", coordinating volunteer work projects to preserve and repair the Rubicon Trail.  John is currently building up a Rubicon LJ to replace his 1966 CJ5.  Married for 38 years to his wife, Jan, they have three children and four grandchildren.  John has also trained in ITF Taekwon-Do for 30 years and holds the rank of 7th Dan.


James has over 20 years of backcountry experience in a variety of scenarios including 4-wheeling, mountaineering and winter ski mountaineering.  He is skilled in assessing risk and safety in backcountry travel and is certified in Backcountry first aid, navigation and ham radio communications.  James enjoys sharing his knowledge of the trail, especially taking clients to explore the surrounding areas by foot.

​​We love to camp and four wheel and originally met "on the trail". We have wheeled the Rubicon Trail as well as others for over 25 years.  We enjoy the camaraderie provided by the camping experience, especially with folks who are experiencing the trail for the first time.  We are also active volunteers in the four wheeling community and assist with several fundraising events and trail maintenance.

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Sierry has 15+ years of off-road driving experience, with many of those trips being over the Rubicon Trail.  He has extensive training and experience in wilderness survival, land navigation and is a first responder certified in first aid and CPR.  His prior experience as a professional automative/diesel technician has come in handy on the trail where creative solutions can be the norm.

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​​Our MISSION is to provide a thrilling and educational off-road experience across the world famous RUBICON TRAIL with a focus on safety, fun and great food.


Brett is a lifelong off-roader starting with a mini bike as a kid, growing into motorcycles, 4 wheelers, mountain bikes and feet.  He loves to be outdoors, pushing himself to find his limits, but he also finds great satisfaction in introducing others to the world of off-roading.  "There's nothing better than seeing someone wonder at that amazing view they've seen for the first time or vicariously experiencing the rush of their first time traveling over the Rubicon Trail all while imparting to them how important it is to respect nature and preserve it for others to enjoy in future years."  Bret is an active volunteer in the 4-wheeling community - a founding member and past president of Friends of Fordyce, life member of the American Motorcyclist Association, BlueRibbon Coalition, and the California Four Wheel Drive Association.  This married, father of two plus two grandkids also volunteers for the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department.