STEP 1:  Review trip options and decide which trip works best for your group.  Please direct any questions to Dave.

STEP 2:  Decide on desired dates - have a first and second choice of dates in mind.   Ideally, plan about 4 - 6 months in advance of your trip for best selection. 

STEP 3:  Call Dave 209-329-4392 to book your dates.

STEP 4:  Remit 25% non-refundable trip deposit (required to book and hold your tour date) via check along with a

Release of Liability for all members in your party to:


P. O. BOX 1026

PLYMOUTH, CA  95669 

STEP 5:  At least one month prior to your trip, secure AirMedCareNetwork coverage.  This coverage provides emergency air ambulance flight service (applies only to US residents).  Remember to enter code 11087 for a discounted price.

STEP 6:  If driving your own rig, be sure all systems and equipment on the vehicle are in good working order and ready for the Rubicon Trail.

STEP 7:  Review the recommended packing list and make any last minute preparations.  Review the trip itinerary and make any necessary reservations for accommodations before and after your trip.  If needed, we can provide all of your camping gear.  You only need to worry about your personal items. 

STEP 8:  Communicate any specific dietary requests to Dave or Marlys.

STEP 9:  Bring final payment to the trip meeting point.

STEP 10: Enjoy your trip and take  lots of photos!